Marnus Labuschagne became the first ever concussion substitution. In fact, he is
also the first even substitution in international cricket.

Marnus Labuschagne of Australia during play on the 5th day of the second Ashes cricket Test match between England and Australia at Lord’s Cricket ground in London

This happened during the second Ashes test on 17 August 2019, when Smith got hit on the head by Jofra Archer’s bouncer and he fell on the pitch. Smith then went out in the pavilion, though he came back to bat later and added 12 runs to his tally before getting out on 92. But in second innings we saw, Labuschagne coming out to bat at no. 4 as Smith’s substitute making him the first ever Player in history of international cricket to be the substitute.

So, Concussion Is Basically A Head Injury, That May Be Caused Either By A Direct Blow To The Head, Face, Neck Or Elsewhere On The Body With An ‘Impulsive’ Force Transmitted To The Head. The Symptoms Are Loss Of Consciousness, Headache, Blurred Vision And Sleep Disturbances. It Brings Up A Sudden Disbalance In The Functions Of Brain.

Steve Smith after getting hit on head by Jofra Archer’s bouncer

After the incident with Phil Hughes, ICC took this major step and started the trial of this “concussion substitution” in Australia’s domestic matches since 2016-17 season and later The England And Wales Cricket Board (ECB) also adopted this for their four major Tournaments. Now, its approved for all Formats of men and women’s international matches.

The player who is suffering concussion will be under medical surveillance and the team Would have an option to substitute that Player with another one but under like-for-like replacement. This would be decided by the match referee if the player chosen by the team would be allowed as the substitute or Not. For example, suppose a top order Batsman like Rohit Sharma has to be replaces or substituted, then the substitution must Also be his kind of player i.e. a top order Batsman. He could be replace by someone like Rahane, Iyer or KL Rahul who are pure batsman and top order batsman to be Rohit’s like-for-like substitution. Rohit’s replacement could not be some one like Hardin Pandya or Ravindra Jadeja as they are all rounder and lower middle order players. If the availability of same kind of players is an issue for the Team, the referee might take the decision based on situation and certain terms and conditions. For example, if an all rounder Replaces the batsman, he might now be allowed to give his service in bowling Acting like-for-like substitution for the particular batsman. So, the power would be in match referee’s hand to qualify or disqualify the named substitution as like-for-like or not.

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